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Greeley Tug-of-War club started pulling in the 1970’s and Power Train started in the 1980’s. Greeley mentored Power Train to help create a new team in Northeastern Iowa. Power Train was founded by Tom & John Saddler in Cedar Rapids Iowa. In the early 2000’s Power Train and Greeley merged to combine forces. They practice in Greeley Iowa and are now called Power Train Tug-of-War Club. Greeley Tug-of-War started with a group family and friends pulling in local competitions mainly county fairs. In 1979 Northern Ireland came to teach European style of pulling. And a new version of the sport was born in the United States. Since then several generations have trained to compete for World Championships. Tug-of-War is a unique sport in many aspects, it requires mental toughness, physical strength, and endurance equated by no other sport. Most importantly it truly values Sportsmanship, once you are a puller you are family. It is an amazing sport that allows you to travel the world and meet new friends outside the county.

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