Mt Vernon: Wisconsin

The Mt Vernon Tug of War team can trace its pulling roots as far back as 1926 with family members of the current team pulling in local events in the Dane & Green county Wisconsin area. Mt Vernon was also a member of the Blackhawk Tug of War League in the 1970’s. Mt Vernon joined USATOWA in 1984. For the past two decades, the Mt Vernon team has dominated the men’s and coed competition by winning seventy-one (71) national titles (averaging four National titles per year since 2008).

During 1992, Mt Vernon first traveled to Ireland for the World Tug of War Championships, finishing 12th in the 720 class. Since 1992, Mt Vernon has traveled every year to either the World Tug of War Championships, European Championships or participated in Canadian or Swedish events. Mt Vernon has had notable finishes including 2nd place in the open men’s catch weight in 1998, 7th in the men’s 680 in 2000, 5th in the men’s 680 in 2002, 4th in the men’s 580 and 7th in the Coed in 2012 during the World Championships in Appenzell Switzerland. We look forward to being part of your future!

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