TugFest – Iowa & Illinois

August 10, 2019 @ 12:30 pm
Leclaire IA & Port Byron IL
Kari & Loren Long


Pulling 12:30


Iowa Tug Fest site

Illinois Tug Fest site

Tugfest-Tug of War across the Mississippi River.
The Tug is a lot of Excitement and challenge for LeClaire against Port Byron. It began in 1987, with ten 20-member tug teams pulling with all of their strength on a 2,700 foot, 680 pound rope that spans the Mississippi River between LeClaire, Iowa and Port Byron, Illinois. Each year the teams pull to see who will claim the breath-taking alabaster statue of a Bald Eagle in flight. Over 35,000 people view this spectacular and only tug-of-war across the longest river in the United States.

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